How to engage people to climate work from various parts of the city organisation?

Lappeenranta was selected as the European Green Leaf City for 2021. This is a clear sign that the city is serious about its responsibilities in climate mitigation. Considering their previous achievements, Lappeenranta people knew that the mitigation does not happen by itself. They needed an active group of people from within the city organisation. This required good tools for following up the work and communicating internally and externally about it.

How to organise all this and get all parties informed?


Combine workshops with continuous monitoring at Kausal Watch platform.

Lappeenranta is active in sharing their best practices as well as learning from others. Open-minded and determined, Lappeenranta was the first city to take Kausal Watch platform into use after it had been piloted as the Helsinki Climate Watch in Helsinki.

Already before launching their service, Lappeenranta used Kausal Watch to organize their climate work. Each action in the climate plan was allocated to one or more responsible organisation units and contact persons.

Already this activated and inspired people who wanted to contribute but did not have a clear view of their own or their unit’s role in the city's climate work. In some cases, people did not even know that their unit was responsible for a certain climate action.


Kausal Watch goes a long way in engaging people, as the platform also requires people to set up smaller tasks within actions. The tasks have deadlines and automatic reminders.

“The platform is intuitive to use. Although people always complain about new tools, there have been almost no complaints about Kausal Watch,“ says climate coordinator Petri Kero.

However, good functionalities and usability was not enough.

“Some people are at their best when they can plan and report from their own computer. But others like workshops and lively discussions - then they produce their best ideas and feel committed,” says Petri Kero. “This is why we are going to have meetings a few times per year. The platform helps us document the progress.”

Lappeenranta wants to transform the climate action plan from a static document to a lively process that is updated as necessary. Kausal Watch offers an intuitive tool for adding and changing actions, targets, and tasks. Also new indicators to monitor progress can be added. Version control ensures that data is not lost and mistakes can be corrected.

“The platform is really good at communicating with citizens about climate work and identifying new actions. However, we still need to develop a good process for accepting new actions to the action plan,” explains Petri Kero.


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