Make impact visible

Kausal Paths is an interactive scenario modeling tool for calculating and visualizing the development of a city's greenhouse gas emissions and other impacts. It allows you to experiment with different combinations of emission reduction measures.

Making the impacts of different decisions visible, Kausal Paths facilitates the process among experts and decision-makers helping them choose an optimal combination of measures for the climate plan.


Build your understanding

The development of a city’s greenhouse gas emissions depends on factors such as population growth and application of new technologies, and of course on the implementation of the city’s climate plan.

Instead of having to rely on one-off studies that give you a static report that gets outdated very fast and whose assumptions might stay fuzzy, with Kausal Paths you can constantly update your understanding of the city’s progress in climate mitigation in a transparent way.


Compare scenarios

Kausal Paths works best when coupled with Kausal Watch. On Kausal Paths you can estimate the emission reduction potential of different climate actions: What happens to the emissions if the city builds a new tram route, what about when the city subsidizes energy renovations instead?

You can build different scenarios to support the decision making process. When the actions are decided upon, you can incorporate them into the climate plan in the Kausal Watch, where you can monitor, manage and communicate about their progress.


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